About Us

Regal Carbide Dies Pvt. Ltd – Began operations in 1987 as a Proprietor ship unit by the name of Regal Dies, started by Mr Arun Agarwal. Since 2012 , it has been converted to a Pvt. Ltd company. 

Directors in the company are Mr Arun Agarwal & Mr Ankur Agarwal.

In initial years , the main product manufactured by us was Tungsten Carbide Wire drawing dies. These dies are highly wear resistant and give good production. ( tonnage drawn per die)

With each passing year, as our experience and market exposure increased we started adding more and more products to our product range keeping in mind what wear resistance solution we are offering to the market.

At present we are catering to the Tungsten Carbide tool requirements of Wire and Electrical Cable industry, Forging Industry, Automobile sector, Precision Turned components manufacturer , Welding Electrodes makers, Cold Compression Spring Manufacturers,  Paper Cutting Tools, Spray Nozzles and other specific tools made as per the drawings of the customer.


We have many satisfied clients in India as well as in Export Market.

We will be more than happy to be associated with you and helping you to solve  all your wear resistance problems to the best of our ability.

You can fill up your requirement in the Box shown in the right side of this page, or click on Contact us to find our Address, Email and phone numbers.

Our Products :

  1. Wire Drawing Dies
  2. Carbide Lined Guide Bushes and Collets , Bar feeders for CNC Sliding Heads like Tornos, Citizen, Tsugami
  3. Toolings for TIG Wire Manufacturers like Punches.
  4. Flux Coating Dies for Welding Electrodes , T.C Cutters, Spinner Dies, wire feed rollers.
  5. Carbide tools for Spring Industry like CNC Carbide Quills , Wire Guides, Coiling fingers
  6. Shaped Carbide Dies for DPC Wire , Commutator section, Square, Hex , Trapezoid shapes
  7. Carbide and steel toolings for Welding Electrode Manufacturers
  8. Carbide tools for Paper cutting industry
  9. Carbide Nozzles for Blasting Machines ( Geyser Industry)
  10. Carbide tools for Bi Metallic Contact Rivets.
  11. Conform Dies for copper and Aluminium Extrusion
  12. Deep Draw Dies for making Speaker covers, Cans
  13. Gripper Dies for Wire Nails.